Until now.


I’ve been in England for a while now. Five months have passed since I left my beloved Mexico. This trip has been invigorating, everything is born anew, the monochromatic days here cannot withstand the joyful beginning of this new life. I have moved on. Far away from prejudice and time. Far away from the ideology that once polluted my dreams; my spirit is now fulfilled. For a reader, this would be an optimistic manifesto, and in certain way it is. Thus, as Nietzsche said once, “everything that does not kill us, makes us stronger”. Now I am able to confirm this transcendental consideration for my own being. Everything is worthy. The very joy of being as one is, of becoming what one is, is simply stunning.

I thank England. It has strengthen my inner core. It has calmed my violent seas, my whirlwind spirits, “I have outlived the night”.

One thing from my past still remains: My dreams. My dreams have became more intriguing, dense, inspiring. Maybe the Aztec and Mayan blood inside won’t ever let me differentiate between my daily life and my dreamful life.

Monochrome filled with colours…